“Programming isn't about what you know;
It's about what you can figure out.”

- Chris Pine, Author

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Hello there! 👋

I am a full-stack developer, data enthusiast, and IT specialist.

Knowledgeable and skilled in different fields such as Computer Science (CS), Information Systems (IS), data analytics, databases, IT infrastructure and servers.

Entrepreneurial experience in taking a raw ideas, polishing and transforming them into a working product. Co-Founded and operated several non-profit organizations and a tech startup company in Israel.

Military background (as Instructional staff and in combat) resulted in a unique problem-solving and analytical approach, valuing the importance of team-work, communication and quick implementation of the best available solution.

Currently looking for my next adventure in the web development world and would love to chat (just about anything) / discuss my projects over a cup of coffee.

So if you have any queries (pun intended) just contact me:

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